Waste Management Situation in the Accra Metropolis

Mr Emmanuel Agyekum

The Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Government, Mr. Emmanuel Agyekum has expressed concern of the deplorable sanitation situation in the Accra Metropolis over the last couple of weeks.

In a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency said piled up waste in many parts of the city has been caused by the interplay of several factors.

Limited disposal sites, the closing down of a major landfill and non-payment for services rendered by some of the private waste collection companies as the major causes, the statement added.

Currently, waste generated in Accra and her environs are hauled all the way to the Kpone Engineered Landfill near Tema resulting in increasing pressure on the facility and fact that Waste Management Service Providers would have to suffer extra cost in transporting and disposing garbage it added.

It stated that due to the public health implications associated with such conditions the Ministry had taken a number of steps to ensure that in the short term heaps of refuse are cleared.

The Deputy Minister said the ministry has started engaging with all the stakeholders, particularly the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) and the Private Service Providers on resolving the issues of realistic and prompt payment for the waste management services rendered to the MMDAs.

As part of the short term solution for clearing the piled up waste, the ministry has directed the management of the Kpone Engineered Landfill site to extend their working hours from 2.00am to 10.00pm each day including Sundays he added.

He further explained that in the long term, the Government has secured funds and is in the process of constructing two engineered recycling and Landfill facilities in the south-western part of Accra and the project would be completed in the next eighteen month.

This is urgent, in order to reduce the current pressure on the Kpone Landfill and the related high cost that waste management service providers incur in the delivery of sanitation services within the Accra Metropolitan area

Ghanaians are hereby encouraged to engage in good sanitary practices, exhibit good waste management behaviour, and attitude and above all pay for waste management services rendered to them promptly to ensure sustainable waste management service delivery in the country, the statement added.

Source: GNA


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